Ransom Productions is now KFL Strategies!

It has been an odd few years for event planners like myself.

Since 2005, I’ve focused on curating events that fostered face-to-face interaction, sharing space and air with community, breaking bread, and celebrating achievements and milestones with friends and neighbors.

In 2020, that all changed. (And then my name changed from Ransom to Lydon in 2022!)

I had to pivot exponentially to remain relevant in my field. All events I was previously so joyful to celebrate in person had to come alive across a screen during a tragic time in history. A daunting task if you ask me.

But, I never stopped producing events during COVID-19. They were virtual. They were intricate. They were fun. They got us through. However, as were we all, I was eager to get back to gathering in person safely.

I haven’t stopped planning grandiose occasions since I understood the power of community celebration at 16, volunteering to help plan MA LGBTQIA+ Youth Pride. I saw and felt the impact of being together, and because of this, I became dedicated to creating these spaces within society. It’s been 20 years, and I am more energized than ever to strategize with local organizations and small businesses to create memorable, fun, safe, inclusive, and creative events for all.

I am humbled to be 36 and still producing events all over Greater Boston. It is a privilege to continue to be trusted with engaging diverse communities, creating lasting impacts, and supporting programs, initiatives, and movements that empower folx to thrive and not just survive.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your interest in KFL Strategies.